Introduction of “Higashi-Nihombashi Shokutaku”

“Higashi-Nihombashi Shokutaku” is a secret kitchen that exists quietly in an urban building.

Many workshops to learn about food are held here.

A large wooden table and cozy space awaits you.


Magewappa (曲げわっぱ)

For bento box, use “Magewappa” the traditional crafts which are made one by one carefully by craftsmen.

Made of natural ceder wood. Simple and elegant design.

If you treat it carefully, it will last forever. Cedars moisturize rice and you will eat rice deliciously even if it cools down.




Wajima lacquerware craft (輪島塗)

Wajima lacquerware is one of the luxury traditional crafts in Japan.

For tableware, we specially enjoy meals with crafts of Wajima Kirimoto, a well-established manufacturer of Wajima lacquerware.

Please enjoy beautiful dishes, which expert craftsmen carefully finished one by one.

WAJIMA KIRIMOTO official website >>





Notice for Muslim guest

・A simple prayer space, prayer mat and hand-wash facilities are available.

・Magewappa (lunch box), cutting board, kitchen knife and other kitchen wares are halal-only.

・Wajima lacquerware craft, rice cooker, and kitchen are not halal-only.

・If you wish for disposable dishes, please request at the time of reservation.


I am not Muslim, but I have enough knowledge about HALAL. If you have any anxious, please let me know in advance.



*Please do not bring big strollers or luggage because there is NO elevator in the building.

*It’s open during lesson hours only.